Submission Requirements – Still Waters Anthology 9


  • Stories can be 2500 words to 10,000 words.
  • The anthology will be published in ebook and paperback formats.
  • We pay upfront $0.01 / word. (This has been updated from the previously published shared royalties). Authors will receive the e-book and one print copy of the anthology, plus wholesale pricing for additional print copies.
  • Submissions must be previously unpublished.
  • We are seeking twelve months of exclusive worldwide print and electronic distribution rights and non-exclusive worldwide print and electronic distribution rights in perpetuity.
  • Multiple submissions are fine, but simultaneous submissions are discouraged. Please don’t re-submit a rejected story unless we request revisions.
  • We hope to have responded to everyone within one month of the submission window’s closing. Feel free to query if it’s been longer than two months.
  • Stories must be double spaced, in 12-point Times New Roman font (or something similar). Do not submit in Courier. The story title, your byline, a word count, and contact information should appear on the first page, and your last name, story title, and page number should appear in the header information of all other pages. We’re not particular about whether you use italics or underlining for emphasis, how many spaces are after the period, or whether you use straight or smart quotes.
  • Submissions may be sent to the email address: Submit your stories via email as an attachment in .doc, .docx, or .rtf format. The subject of your email should be SUBMISSION: <story title> by <byline>. The email body should contain a short list of your publishing credits and any pertinent biographical details.
  • The submission period ends July 1, 2017.


Theme guidelines

  • The story must have a fantasy/speculative element. Science fantasy is ok, but we’re aiming for fantasy rather than straight science fiction. We prefer “clean” stories and strongly prefer noblebright stories. For more on noblebright, please see
  • The story must address the “Still Waters” theme in some way. Creative interpretation of the theme is encouraged. Some ideas are:
    • Still waters run deep.
    • He makes me lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside still waters. -Psalm 23:2
    • Water creatures (mermaids, naiads, kraken) and their environment.

9 thoughts on “Submission Requirements – Still Waters Anthology

  • Gregg Chamberlain

    is the 10K limit firm?

    i may have a novella of about 18K that could fit the general theme… maybe

  • CJBrightley Post author

    It’s somewhat flexible, but 18k is outside the range I was anticipating flexing. That said, I’d be happy to read it and see if I can fit it in.

  • gillian

    I have a short story that fits the theme but it is only 1,600 words. Is that too short? Thank you

  • Lorraine

    Would you accept flash stories of about 1000 words for Still Waters anthology? PLMK-thanks.


  • Robert Erickson

    I have just written a 7500 word short story/novella that I consider very experimental for me. It has minimal descriptive material and leaves a lot for the reader to decide. It includes some water themes (the principal character is on a Great Loop tour and ultimately sails to Canada), however, the primary conflict is a middle of the road man trying to survive in the complex world of Washington politics. In that respect, he is trying to be the still water in a stormy sea. (It’s a reach but that is what I was feeling while writing it). Does this sound like something worth submitting? If not, thanks for introducing me to the concept of “noblebright.” This is something I had not heard about but frankly, most of what I write fits in that genre.

  • CJBrightley Post author

    Feel free to submit it. I will consider it, but flash is not my general preference.

  • Tori Eldridge

    Sorry to have missed this submission. I have a poignant underwater ghost story about a grieving widow who, while paralyzed in a mysterious kelp bed, learns to re-appreciate the beauty of life just in time to make the ultimate sacrifice. It might have fit well. Alas… I will keep alert for your future submission calls.

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